Into Tragic Dimension
Nebiula Production, 2001

If I am not mistaken, they were known as GRAVELESS before. Or maybe GRAVELESS disbanded and some of the members form DAWN PHENOMENON? Well, I am not exactly sure about this and for me to get the answer since no address of them available. I haven’t heard many new Malaysian bands lately but they are quite promising. This is the band’s debut release, in the form 5 tracks cassette EP. They do not look like a black metal if you are judging from their picture but the music does. Fast melodic black metal along in the same line with Dimmu Borgir or Swedish black metal. There not many Malaysian bands add keyboards in their music and they use it and fortunately succeed in creating the needed atmosphere (melodic, dark, and atmospheric) in their music. The song, “Tales From Eastern Ancestor”, is the song played by GRAVELESS featured in Panggilan Pulau Puaka Volume I. The same track presented here, re-recorded, and adds few new things (piano, keyboard and speed) in it. I love the original version better. The EP cover sleeve is too simple and waste a lot space. It is better to put some info about the band. Another thing to complaint is the sound. It can be better than this. Beside this, there is nothing wrong with the band. Just like I said earlier, a new promising band.