DARK BREED (Malaysia)
Tahyulistic Penalty
Grind Empire Productions, 1997/2000

An outdated demo tape you might say. But believe it or not, the original release date was in 1997 but it took years for it to be released and now, this demo finally make its way. The songs are too old now and I think the band might have new songs ready for the next release. This demo contains 5 melodic death/black songs. The tape is pro-done and with color cover (I guess its laser xerox). Everything seems to be pro-done but not the sound. This is live rehearsal recording. Raw sound but the songs will be better if they make proper recording. I like the songs here. They got their influenced from Swedish melodic metal and maybe a bit of Langsuyr except for the song “Pelangi” (the oldest song, 1996) which sound a bit Norwegian. Despite the raw sound, I like this tape. It is time for Malaysian band to start recording their demo professionally if they want to be noticed in today’s scene.
Mohd Rizal, 3-3 Block A, Taman Mulia, Bandar Tun Razak, 56000 Kuala Lumpur.