Promo 2001
A two tracker promo from a Japanese female thrash metal. I found out about them on the internet and gladly to receive this promo. I firstly expect some thrashing metal violence like some Japanese bands like TERROR SQUAD, RITUAL CARNAGE, SABBAT, etc but they are not up to that level yet (not that fast musically). It is hard to just judge from 2 tracks. What I can say, the two songs are catchy, some German thrash thrown in together with some solos. The vocals are not the same like male thrash screams and I have to get use of that. The riffs are quite okay but I like it if some more speed was added especially on the melodic solos.
c/o Yoshie Shirakawa, 301 Star Homes Shibuya Hommachi, 6-37-3 Honmachi Shibuya-ku Tokyo, 151-0071 Japan.