Live Promotape 1999

An all star band from Japan. Consist of member from the mighty SIGH and ABIGAIL, Mirai, Shanichi, Yasuyuki and Youhei gathered and formed this old-school band in April 1998. And on May they performed in a gig. All 11 songs in this tape are taken from this gig. It is a raw recording without any mastering I guess but still possessed a good sound. Good live sound, and still all the instrumensts can clearly heard. To tell you the truth, there's a huge list of old-school bands which I haven't listened until now so I can't separate which are cover song and which are their own songs. From the bio stated they played a lot of songs from Voivod, Warfare, Sacrifice, Misfits, Razor, Tankard and Hirax so I guess there some cover songs in this tape too. You can't complain about the sound or anything beside the music they play and honestly this tape is just an average release compared with professional demo but as a raw live tape, this one is the best. Mirai do try singing in thrash metal way which I think does not turn out well but the 'style' is there. Their new debut CD will be out under Melancholic Promotion (Greece) on April and it is entitled Rape ! Rape ! Rape ! while their second CD will be released at the end of 2000 under Baphomet Records (USA).

Rape Rape Rape
ISO666, 2000

An all star band. With members from SIGH and ABIGAIL playing, this will make every Asian black diehard hunting for this release. I review their last live promo and now their debut CD came out and a new CD should be released by now. Nothing special about this CD though, just the band covering song from old-school bands. Haha. I still figuring out what is (some) the original band of the song. 12 tracks here and 3 tracks taken from their old live tape. Their version of song mostly rules especially "Bonded By Blood".
c/o Yasuyuki Suzuki, 59-7 Saiwai-cho Itabashi-ku Tokyo 173-0034, Japan

Show Me Your Pussy 7"EP
Iron Bonehead, 200?

Two tracks 7" EP, released limited to 500 copies. I have no info about this release. My copy is in black vinyl and hand-numbered 208. The vocals are the first thing I noticed because it is different compare with the CD and their demo tape and that is not good. It's either the turntable is broken or the band uses some effects on the vocals. The music is still in rocking thrash metal vein. On side A is "Please Show Me Your Pussy" and side B "Zombie Attack". Some recording info printed on the back of the EP jacket, a photo of band the band and a 'film negative' type of picture that describe the title of this EP perfectly.
c/o Yasuyuki Suzuki, 59-7 Saiwai Cho, Itabashi-ku Tokyo 173-0034, Japan.