DEMISOR / C.S.S.O. (Singapore / Japan)
Split Tape 1999
No Action Taken

This split release is made available again by Malaysian indie/hardcore label, No Action Taken after originally released as a split 7" EP. It does not only contain the songs on that Ep but with few extra tracks. Few ? 10 of them here ! But 10 grindcore songs will only take couple of minutes but for the fans of this style will cheer hearing this. Funny though, this tape starts with intro, an excerpt taken from Daraemon (Japanese cartoon show) on DEMISOR side. DEMISOR are more grindcore now than their previous release, a split demo with NECROTIC CHAOS and more techical in Intrusion Of Dark Journey compilation. More death metal back then. They presented 12 grind with some punks influenced tracks. On the other side, feature another famous act in this genre, C.S.S.O. Having heard the name since the early day of my involvement in the underground, only now I have the chance to listen to their songs and know what C.S.S.O. means (Clotted Symmetrical Sexual Organ). Some weird sound can be heard in their songs, maybe the sound of the guitar and they presented 18 tracks with songs circulating around 13 to 58 seconds. No track title given, only titled as "Song #1", "Song #2" and so on. I rarely accepted this kind of muisc but occasionally once a while there will be a release that attract me and this is few of them. Afterall in comes in professionally printed tape, glossy cover with the price of RM 7 !


Are You Excrements?
Morbid Records, 2001

In last issue I reviewed their split tape with DEMISOR. They sounded different in that tape. C.S.S.O. has a long history and did release some stuffs under Morbid Recs. years ago. The band plays grindrock and they are damn good in playing it (whatever they called their music). Space rock, grind/death vox, few punk riffs with grind blasting music. This is the combination I will not hear everyday. All songs are equally great and I can’t find any similar band to compare them with (Well, I am not into grind scene anyway). You will also hear some weird tunes like in “Living Dead A Go Go” with sounds I usually hear in old horror movies. Quite scary actually. I try to do like what I did with MOSHQUITO CD but unfortunately this is not a multimedia enhanced CD. But I am satisfied with this 6 tracks CD (almost 40 min) as they offer something different in today’s extreme (metal) music scene.
Narutoshi Sekine, 3-41-16 Sumida, Sumida-Ku, Tokyo 131-0031 Japan