CRUSADE (Indonesia) 
The Darkness Call My Names
Extreme Souls Productions, 1999

The band previously release a promotape in '96 called Barbaric Ancient War and a demo in '97 called The Darkness Call My Name prior to the release of this album. According to the band's bio this album supposed to titled as Hateful And Cruelty but they decided to change the title with the one they already used in 1997. Enough with the historical facts. CRUSADE delivers 9 entertaining tracks, atmospheric black metal, melodic and they called it 'genialer black metal'. What that supposed to mean ? My English may not be corresct but the antonym for 'genial' is 'bestial' and that what black metal supposed to be. Maybe the lyrics are genial but as long I don't read it, like KEKAL for example (I regret reading the shitty lyrics) CRUSADE is a lullaby to my ears. Atmospheric keyboards, melodic riffs, good production and professional cover inlay (the best so far from Indonesia !), everything was done professionally. Their music is my cup of tea. The only drawback is about some wordings in the cover inlay and the too long thanks list. They should make a separate sheet which contains only thanks list and put the lyrics in the cover. The first black metal in Extreme Souls a very talented band indeed.