DemoCd 2001
Dead Sound Productions, 2001

Should I call Malaysia Book Of Record and tell them about this band? (probably) The first local underground metal band produced and sell their demo in CD. 7 tracks and that include an intro taken from theme of Heroes III (whatever that is), an outro and 1 instrumental track. Although this is a demo, but this have made a long distant between them and other demo bands in Malaysia. Judging from the songs, I don't think they started the band for few days and later record a demo. Maybe lack of experience in studio or limited budget this demo do have some flaws. The vocal is too loud or to upfront the music and the drum sound is too thin and also the guitar sound are things that avoid me listening to this CD for few more times. Musically, they play melodic death metal and not too original since In Flames is in my mind while listening to this CD but the riffs are quite good and it moves me. Basically, the sound of this demo have top out most of the demo recorded by new local bands. The promo did not come with the front cover but I am impressed with the front cover artwork I seen in their website and I hope the actual release of this CD will include that. But releasing this only in CD-R is one big question that puzzles me. Most of local fans prefer cassette (and lots don't have CD player) so that might be difficult for them to reach the local listener but if they're heading for international scene, they must be dreaming. This is not the right time for that.
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