BUNUH (Singapore)
Demo 1999

I was impressed with this demo full color cover and great artwork. And after considering the sound of this tape, it is too much for RM 7. The band's name also original. Sometimes, malay words can be simple but comes with very brutal meaning. Bunuh means kill in English and normally, Malaysian/Singaporean will not take Malay word for its name. The band consist of member from ex-BRUTAL FEAR (Singapore great death/thrash) and using the throat of Blaster (SAKARATUL MAUT, ABBATTORY, DARK LEGIONS Mag.). With these personalities behing the band, sure you can expect something great. 4 songs here, which a mixture of heavy metal with death metal. Something different with their previous or bands that they are in now. Except for the drums, which is similar to Brutal Fear drumming, other are far to be connected to other band they are involved in. Blaster voice is more death metal growl than he used to sing in SAKARATUL MAUT. The music is not fast enough to move you up and down but the solos and some riffs and guitar effetcs are quite interesting. The music actually doesn't dwell long in head after I quit listening. There something missing here and I hope to find it in their debut album.
c/o Battle, Blk 220, #05-339, Yishun ST 21, SINGAPORE 760220.
bunuh666@hotmail.com http://www.geocities.com/bunuh2000


BUNUH (Singapore)
The Torso Killers

After Abhorer, I can't remember when the last time I heard superb death metal from Singapore was. BUNUH is still far from that cult band but this is great enough and should not be missed. They release this on the own but a damn pro one, not even most labels can do. "The Torso Killers" is released on a digipak format! Although it have 7 songs but the length is just 20+ minutes. Makhluq is no longer on the vocals and now they are a five piece band (they were a trio on their demo). Comparing the demo with this new release, there are huge improvements. The music is much more fast and brutal. They are quite good back then but this is much better. The last two tracks are bonus tracks but why are these tracks as 'bonus'? There are no notes about that in the CD except for the last tracks which originally belong to Brutal Fear (a track from their demo 1997) but that is not really a surprise since BUNUH consist of members of that now-defunct band. 'Bunuh' means 'kill' in English and the word suit them fine this time.
BUNUH, Blk 220, #05-339, Yishun ST 21, S 760220.