Promo Tape 2001
Come with 2 insane songs (I need hear more!!) which done well. Each songs come with intro (war movie?). I cant much describe their music cause 2 songs are too short, but you can hear good recording, record in K studio Jakarta - (but I dont know why the band that record in K studio have same sound?! 'K' sound).- The music structure are good, many touch by US Brutal Death, some part remember me about Devourment. The low-heavy-distortion-guitar-sound that used really match, used with killer riffs and inhuman guttural vocals! This is not for the weak!! Good work brother!!
c/o Iwan, Jl. Pramuka Timur Gg. Sidodadi 3, Rt.3/2, No.1193, Purwokerto 53147, Jawa Tengah, INDONESIA.
3/5 [Halim]