BRAVERY (Malaysia) 
Brave Within 
Demo  2000

Another Promo 2000  from Kedahan band. They do have a lot of time I guess, playing in multiple bands at a time. BRAVERY consist of members from NARRATOR (see review eslewhere in issue #1) and TANTRUM. 2 songs here acclaimed to be in the style of melodic death metal which I suggest it should be called as annoying death metal. The music is not as good as NARRATOR, the vocals are in the terrible growling form I've ever heard. Maybe due to bad mixing, the vocals are too loud and upfront the music eventhough they use some clear normal vocals but that didn't help much. Nothing much of credit can be given to the track Brave Within even the music is a bit better than the next one, WarHead. Not to be confused with VENOM's Warhead, this is their own composition and it is too awful to be heard in my ears. I hope the next release from them is much better than this. Or maybe they can start thinking which band is much worth giving full support since they are playing in couple of bands and all of them are still new with a demo release.

Mohd Yuhidzir 308 Tmn Mewah, Jln Langgar, 05460 Alor Setar, Kedah, Malaysia.