BRAHMA (India)
The World Beyond
Virgo Music, 1998

BRAHMA is hard rock/heavy metal band and this 7 song release; they are not yet reach the title “gods”. The album starts with thrash-like song “Destroy the Destroyer”. Great song I must say. And the album ends with death/thrash song which reminds me of Malaysian CROMOK, “You Must Die”, the only track with growling vocals. The rest are hard rock/heavy metal songs. Weird mix of styles in one album, huh? They claimed their self as “gods of metal”. Gods? Wow, is Indian metal really bad? They need to be heavier and show more of their guitar skills. If you are looking for glam 80’s rock/heavy metal (if minus the thrash songs) you can try “The World Beyond”. But I suggest you better stick to your old LP. This is a domestic release which I assume unavailable for those living outside India, not even through mailorder (well, like most Indian releases I have so far). So why trouble yourself having this one?