BLOODY GORE (Indonesia)
Stench Of Your Perversion
Fetal Tampon Disease Records, 2000

A 6 tracks, 15 minutes MCD. What else can we expect from an Indonesian band with the name BLODDY GORE? Brutal grinding death metal! This is not a new release. They have released these songs in cassette form. One in 1999 and then released in again a year later with different cover and now, Fetal Tampon release it in CD. Differences between the first original version with this CD is the inclusion of intro (excerpt/screaming taken from some movie I guess), outro (also from movie I assume but with brutal techno/industrial metal music) and with much better sound. They will soon release a new full-length CD under European label with new vocalist. USD 10.
BLOODY GORE, Jl. Nyiur Melambai 1 Blok A No. 3, Jakarta Utara 14260, Indonesia.