BILHARZIA (Malaysia)
Misery Records, 2001

The second cassette EP from Misery Records. This time they brought to us BILHARZIA, a new Ipoh brutal death/grind band. “Bloodfluke” contains 5 tracks including 1 instrumental. Brutal death metal starts to grow in Malaysia and BILHARZIA is an example of this phenomenon. They are not like our Indonesian brothers because I think they are less intense but they do have good guitar work. The solo rocks! “Bloodfluke” is also a song in this cassette EP but it no gore death/grind song. It’s a melodic and depressive instrumental track. I guess the sound is a curse to most SEAsian bands and they are not spare from this. That is the thing to be made better. The cover sleeves also can be made better. The journey is still far ahead to become the new Malaysian death metal ‘star’ but they will reach it soon if they does not stop the progression, development and maturity as a band and musician.
BILHARZIA, P.O. Box 585, 30670 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.