BHELLIOM (Singapore)
Reflection Of Insanity
DemoCD 2002

A new band from Singapore. The scene there is growing in a healthy way. This five piece band chooses to play power metal. This CD-R delivers only 3 tracks which is a very small amount. With music this good, 3 songs are obviously not enough. They have all the ingredients for making good power metal hymns. The solos are great enough to move me and so does the vocals. I only complain on the sound although a friend of mine did say they are not tight enough as a band. I don't have any music background so I can't comment more on that. Personally I don't know how far this band can go and what are the expectations (or appreciation) from the local fans for this kind of music in the scene. They played their music well and in my opinion they deserve to have an album out.