BETRAYER (Indonesia)
Hukuman Mati
Independen Records, 2000

After releasing "Grand Voice Society" demo and "Pasukan Berani Mati" cassette EP now available this 9 songs cassette LP. I didn't hear that EP but I musically, they haven't change except for the lyrics where everything is in their mother tongue. Vocals are in black metal style and the music is like a slower version of Swedish melodic death metal with a bit of thrash. Highly headbang-able stuffs. While the music really entertaining, the lyrics must be the worse I read so far. Too positive for metal songs. What is the purpose being so nice since they will not get any airplay in the local radio anyway? Independen Record's releases is distributed by Pony Canyon in Malaysia. It shouldn't be hard for Malaysian to get this tape. To conclude, good music with shitty lyrics.
Betrayer, P.O.Box 6669 JKT 13000 Indonesia.