BEALIAH (Indonesia)
Weeping at The Crimson Moon
THT Production, 1999

What seems to bother me is Bealiah, a one-man black metal band, is in a label which also sign a Christ metal (unblack metal as they say so). Music-wise, Bealiah is not another gem but another showcase of good black metal from Indonesia. Utilising keyboards to successfully create dark moods in fast black metal with a great maniacal vocals by Dozhaiallach D. (the man behind Bealiah). The music is in between old Burzum and fast swedish black metal with a few scent of Celtic Frost. I need some one which can help me with info about this release. I only received a tape and a simple pro glossy cover. No info or anything that really help in understanding about this demo. First the all 4 songs in side B is marked with *. So that '*' must mean something, right ? Overall, 10 tracks available here and to choose 1 great song is quite hard since all are quite okay for me (the metal or the dark wave one).

BEALIAH (Indonesia)
Holy Flesh Records, 2000

I really like this band attitude. BEALIAH is a one-man band, and the soul behind this project is Dr. Dozhaiatlach D. I really want to make an interview with this Dr. But as said (again) in this cassette cover sleeve, "D. has chosen to stay in solitude and thus cannot be contacted". Only 4 new song here and the other 4 is taken from their "Weeping At The Crimson Moon" demo. I already review "Weeping..." so check that one out. About the new songs, they have a bit of Celtic Frost in it. The song are fast Scandinavian black, they way he did last time except for less keyboards. And of course this release much better than Holy Flesh's LAMPHOR. I am not sure about the price of this tape but if it sold at same of an album that is too expensive. For only 4 new songs, which in different direction, I think it is not worth it for those who have the previous demo.