BAZZAH (Malaysia)
Death Is All I See...
Nebiula Production, 1999
Second full-lenght from Malaysian most obscure black metal band. If   I can recall correctly, I've never seen their picture in any zines or in the cover of their releases either, except one in a Brunei metal zine. That was a long time ago in 1995. Never paying much attention to image, they delivered somekind of black metal which is raw, fast, merciless black metal attack is what you will hear in all 8 tracks here in this CD. Without any usage of keyboard and female vocals but still this release stand high compare with other black metal releases nowadays. Right now bands care more on their appearances and create too much sweet melodies then making true music for darkness worshipper. This album featured a guest vocalist beside the permanent vocalist and actually 8 men playing for this whole album. The production is good for this kind of music. Worth to spend your money with.