Demo CD 2000

I forgot how many copies they produced this 28 min demoCD but it is now sold out. Glad I have a copy. I am interested to listen to this official release after listening to some of their rehearsals. AXEDMINISTERS is a new progressive/heavy metal band. Before, Singapore have MANIFEST, URBAN KARMA, TRI-RYCHE in this genre. AXEDMINISTERS just show that this genre is growing in our underground scene. But to stand as tall as these bands will need a bit more than what they deliver here although they have some interesting ideas. There are some songs which you will sing together with Yusuff if you know the lyrics. "Zero" for example is too catchy to be ignored. And the best of all is "Blue Fountain". The music are okay, the melodic solos are great but perhaps they can add a bit of speed in their music.