AUTHORITY (Indonesia)
Bacterial in Flesh
Self-Released, 2001
This brutal band come from Jakarta(Indonesia) with their 2nd demo (CD-R), contains 3 tracks brutal death metal / groove. In some part will make you start to moshing n bangin', good groove, in the vein of US groove death metal (Dying Fetus,Pyrexia, Suffocation, etc). This is better than their first demo, they start to show their own style/character more, try to out from the shadow of Dying Fetus. Good quality recording, record in K studio Jakarta ('K sound'), good sound guitars, vocals growl and scream teror ear! Lets see in their full lenght album. Good bands - check this !!
c/o Yudi, Jl.H.Sarbini Rt.001/04 NO.24, Condet-Jakarta Timur, INDONESIA, 13530