Les Heurs Du Mal
Magnum Music, 2001
A great looking digi-pack complete with a booklet and a transparent plastic case. I hope the music is as great as the packaging. For the first few tracks it's great but after that, they show what they really are. Actually I don't know what they call their music but hard rock is what I'd label it. They mix lots of styles here. The second track is a true King Diamond rip off, the music, the falsetto voice. Then comes a thrashy song, "Midnight Breakout". The rest is hard rock which only pleases the fans of this style. They put keyboards and violins in their songs too. There are 15 tracks all together including 2 bonuses and 5 demo tracks. The second CD is a video CD (yes, it is a double disk digi-pack!) featuring the band in the studio, interview, etc but it's all in Chinese. Thumbs up for the packaging, the rest needs more consideration for extreme metal maniacs.