ADAPTOR (Indonesia)
Inner Death
Psychic Scream Entertainment, 1999

“Inner Death” is originally release in 1997 by the band themselves in Indonesia. P.S.E. later released this in Malaysia with new cover and improved the layout the cover sleeve making it look a lot more professional. This is also among P.S.E. early release. Yes, quite old stuff and they sell it now at a low price (USD 3). 5 tracks of aggressive death metal with good guitar works and it rocks! It is not the usual Indonesian grinding brutal death metal. I have no news about the band. I hope they are not ‘r.i.p.’ now. At least ‘die’ after release a follow up of “Inner Death”.
ADAPTOR, Jl. Mawar III, No. 12, RT 003/11, Blok CS 4, Perumahan Kranggan Permai, 17433 Bekasi, Indonesia.