ABEX (Malaysia)
Mystique Ancient Ceremonies 
Demo 2000

I suggest they find a good make-up artist. The corpse-paint looks awful on them. And the music is as awful as their make-up. Even the demo cover is badly designed. Melodic black metal is what they play and I can hear that from the guitar riffs but the drums and the vocals, both normal and growl are terrible. Its hard to listen to 5 songs and intro with this kind of sound. They gained their influence from Malaysian PURNAMWULAN I think since some songs do sound like them. Listening to this demo will not leave any good impression. I was inform that they have a new promotape which have improved a bit musically. Now the band faces serious line-up turmoil and maybe have now r.i.p. 
Kingdom Of Abexist, 19-A, Kg. Parit Hj. Amin, Jln. Siakap, 34350 Kuala Kurau, Perak, Malaysia.