ABATTORY (Singapore)
Anthems of Death
Permatha Pathah Records, 2001

This Singaporean death/thrash have released few tapes prior of this MCD and they got lots of positive reviews. It’s a surprise to see PERMATHA PATHAH, a small Malaysian label got the privilege to release “Anthems Of Death”. It is a good investment for PERMATHA PATHAH. I only heard “Chronicles of Chaos” and “Morbid Fear” demo/single some years ago (while they are known as ABATTOIR) and comparing the old material with the new songs in this 4 track MCD, the music are not the same. Of course, that is the easier hypothesis everyone can make. The music is now are more brutal and fast now. In “Anthems...”, there are new members including the vocalist and they contributed to what the band sound now as well as maturity of all members as musicians. Kravnos (once play for IMPIETY), Makhluq (also vox for BUNUH, SAKARATUL MAUT) are among the souls in ABATTORY. Only 4 songs available in this CD with the running time of 18 minutes. At the time being there is no cassette version available. That is a bad news for S.E.Asian (as most SEA countries especially Malaysia where they prefer cassette than anything else) but if you want the cassette just because it is cheap then think again. The CD is only RM 12 (for Malaysia) and is damn cheap!
Abattory, Apt. Blk 99, #09-1904, Bedok North Avenue 4, Singapore 460099.